Fit4Drums, the European fitness craze uses the revolutionary b0drum for a fun,  new and exciting way to stay fit.  
b0drums were Invented by the renown European percussionist   Bassam Abdul Salam. He's performed in major concerts across Europe including Disney's  "The Lion King" in Hamburg, Germany .   Bassam had the brilliant idea to incorporate drumming with fitness. After a great success in Europe, fit4drums has landed in the U.S.
  Alessandra Eck is the  B.O.A.S.T ( bOdrum Advisor Specialist )   Our slogan :  "Drumming Goes Fitness!"
What is Fit4Drums?
Fit4Drums is a full-body cardio dance workout  with constant drumming.   Fit4Drums can burn up to 800-1000 calories per hour.   Fit4Drums combines drumming and easy cardio workout and dance moves.   This combo works the entire body, raises the heart rate to a fat-burning   zone while beating to your favorite tunes!   The B0drums is a multipurpose! It's is also being proved to be successful in different settings   Music lessons, percussion shows, and therapy sessions .   This is suited for all ages!
Become a certified Fit4Drums trainer!
Sat. March 7th San Diego, CA  
Sat. March14th San Antonio TX  
Sat. March28th LA, CA  

Alessandra Eck


Fitness Specials

Please coordinate a Fit4Drums special directly with our US representative instructors and be the first to introduce this concept in your region!.

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bOdrum rental services

You want to try out before purchasing a set of drums? No problem!.

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Trailer 2013
Alessandra Eck,
Fit4Drums presenter California/USA
- How it works
Fit4Drums featured on
San Diego Fox News 5


Bassam Abdul-Salam

Creator of Fit4Drums™

Bassam Abdul-Salam studied classical percussion in Freiburg/Germany and joined for many years some of the most prestigious orchesters in Europe appearing on international festivals like Berliner Festwochen, Salzburger Festspiele, Bienale Venezia, and he played with world famous conductors like Claudio Abbado. In numerous solo-recitals he presented his solorepertoire. He spent a whole year studying percussion in Havana/Cuba and took classes with Cubas’ most famous percussionists. Since 2001 he is solo-percussionist at Disney's “Lion King” in Hamburg.During this period he created Fit4Drums and patented the construction of the bOdrum internationally.

Barbara Hofmann

sport director

Barbara Hofmann studied sports and health consulting. Since 20 years she is active in fitness and sports as the manager of a fitness studio in the north of Germany. She also appeared in international sport events and works as a Fit4Drums instructor since her certification in 2010. Since 2011 she develops in cooperation with Bassam Abdul-Salam the Fit4Drums manual. She also supervises all new media and concepts produced for Fit4Drums She is the head of our certification master trainer team. Her classes are the reference for Fit4Drums and the concept behind it. A class with Barbara Hofmann: The Real Thing!

Alessandra Eck

sport director

Alessandra Eck holds multiple International certifications, with B.O.A.S.T being one of the few. Mrs. Eck has been teaching many different styles of Group Fitness Classes starting in 2002. Aleís classes are high energy and you are guaranteed to walk out soaking wet. Alessandra presents her classes with a positive attitude and she is sincerely passionate in assisting with educating everyday citizens about their fitness and the importance of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. She is currently holding Fit4drums sessions and certifications throughout California including S, Los Angeles, Texas and multiple locations in San Diego.

Alex and Elaine

sport director

Alex and Elaine are now running both dance and fitness classes from their studio. They are Zumba, Bokwa, Fitsteps and Fit4Drums certified. Alex and Elaine are the first instructors in Ireland to have completed the Fit4Drums instructor training. They have brought in Fit4Drums classes into their studio to broaden their service offerings and also with the aim to help children with their rhythmic training; which in turn will help with their intelligence development. Therefore in addition to Fit4Drums classes for adults, they are also developing a strong Fit4Drums program for children. www.wicklowlatindance.com

Alex Bonici


Alex and Elaine runs one of the most prestigious Ballroom and Latin Dance school in Ireland - WLD Dance and Fitness. They have 20 years experience in Ballroom and Latin dancing, having been trained in the field with some of the best dance teachers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Alexandra Grosshaus

sport director

Alexandra Grosshaus works at Vie Vitale, the "mother" Studio of Fit4Drums led by Barbara Hofmann. Certified since 2011 in Fit4Drums Alex is also teaching: Toning, Hip Hop for teens, indoor cycling, Dance, Zumba, Step interval, body complete and fatburner. As a member of the Fit4Drums creative team she supllies us with cardio and Hip Hop influenced choreographies. Fun and sweat are her main issues. Let Alex inspire you!

Alexandra Roepke

sport director

Alex is a very experienced trainer who quickly became an important member of the Fit4Drums team. She teaches several programs and is a great team member in filming and developing sessions.

Anna Rivieri

sport director

We got to know Anna at the Vogue Fashion night out in Milano, Italy, when Barbara Hofmann presented Fit4Drums to a enthusiastic audience. Anna became a licensed trainer right away and is a driving force in our creative team.



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